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Arista Networks is expanding their System Test Engineering team in the Burnaby office. They are looking to add 12 Test Engineers in 2018. What makes the jobs at Arista so different from all of the others you hear about in Vancouver are as follows:

1. They are at the core an Engineering-driven company with a clear identity as such. This means great things if you are an engineer looking for a culture where you are lead by people who understand you and value you in a different way when compared to organizations that are more sales or marketing-driven.

2. Few companies in Vancouver can boast of the past and planned growth. Growth means opportunities for you. Opportunities to do interesting work, take on more responsibilities or learn new skills. They pay well too.

3. Results-driven autonomy. This isn't just lip service. Engineers work in small global teams across many time zones so your output is what is important. Some engineers occasionally WFH (work from home) while others work when they are most productive. This perk works best when engineers and their teammates respect that this autonomy comes with a responsibility and accountability. Ask me about their vacation policy and their compensation strategy!

4. Finally, Arista is a winner in every sense of the world. It is winning in the marketplace. It is winning in the investor world and it is winning in terms of its ability to attract top calibre people. I think if you are a winner yourself and crave working with other winners that are not present in your environment today, give me a call.

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