Mobile Developer-This position is now filled. Thank you to all those interested. 

Let's keep this simple.

You can research the company's website, check out its glassdoor and look at Linkedin. I think you will like what you see when you learn about this Annacis Island-based tech company owned and managed by industry veterans (no! it isn't code for old people LOL). 

Mobile app development is common with many tech companies looking to stay relevant. This role is going to be associated with existing systems development but the exciting part is to work with the company's new initiative - moving all system functionality into a native (managed) cloud environment. So you must consider this opportunity. 

You will be working on a small team guided by the CTO and the Software Architect. Both very smart people. In case you have not researched it, GuardRFID develops real time systems used for location, perimeter protection and utilization of people and assets. In addition to its desktop based client applications (communicates to sever through XML based API), GuardRFID isdeveloping a web based client (based on HTML5/CSS/Websockets) and a mobile client (native iOS and Android apps).

You will be working alongside the other mobile developer but that person is too busy with other tasks so they need another person to add functionality to its existing iOS and Android apps AND to extend what has already been built. 

What we are looking for: 

  • You have an online portfolio of some of your commercially released products and you have done both iOS and Android applications.
  • Strong knowledge of Java, JS, HTML5, CSS
  • Experience with server side REST APIs (XML and JSON)
  • Preferred experience with AngularJS
  • Preferred experience in TDD and continuous integration
  • Degree in Computer Science/Engineering/Science

To apply, please email