GuardRFID has retained us to search for a Product Manager and the position is now Filled!!!

The Opportunity/Situation

GuardRFID is a company specializing in solutions requiring real time tracking of people and assets. It has successfully grown from start-up to sales in excess of $5 Million over the past few years.

With industry leading technology based on open standards the company has grown from primarily providing solutions to the healthcare sector to meeting the needs of a broader range of industrial applications, including oil and gas, tracking of large industrial machinery and military uses. Sales have recently expanded beyond North America to Europe and the Middle East.

As industry moves to an IoT model, GuardRFID recognizes the importance of re-positioning itself to better align its offerings with commonly used IoT architectures based on Cloud computing. From a model where sales are based on the one-time installation of hardware and software the company is motivated to move to a services based model where users enter into an ongoing relationship for sales and services. The company expects to see sustained double digit growth with this model in its expanding market.

Reporting to the CEO, and as an integral part of the Management team, the experienced Product Manager we want to hire will drive the optimum strategy for this transition. The successful candidate will have experience with cloud computing and wireless data acquisition. The main responsibilities will be defining the requirements of the market and turning these into product definitions. The candidate will define marketing strategies and direct the sales force in implementing these.

If you are an experienced Product Manager who has previously modernized a similar product into a cloud based solution, then here is a greenfield opportunity for you to "do it again".

This opportunity is also ideal for an aspiring Product Manager to leap frog their career by owning Product Management.


·       Research the existing customer and channels relationships to uncover sustainable trending opportunities

·       Research emerging markets and technologies that align with the core business and recommend a road-map.

·       Delivering best-in-class user and customer experience for our new SaaS and Managed Services products;

·       Collaborating with other members in the product design group team to come up with product designs that will apply to the overall development project;

·       Working closely with sales, channel partners, customer support and most importantly guiding engineering teams throughout the entire journey;

·       Creating phased roadmaps for product capabilities based on commercial and R&D input;

·       Collaborating with the product management and R&D teams to execute the realization of product design ideas into compelling areas of the product;

·       Rationalizing design decisions to stakeholders and peers.

Qualifications Include

·       Successful completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant program of study, or equivalent;

·       Ideally we are looking for an Engineer with an MBA who has several years of work experience in product management;

·       Demonstrated examples where there has been success either implementing a software-as-a-service solution or where you have created and executed on a software-as-a-Service model.

·       Excellent knowledge of e-commerce and software-as-a-service is necessary;

·       Experience in taking a software-as-a-service solution from concept to market;

·       Experience or interest in data visualization and statistical analysis tools would be highly beneficial;

·       Technical understanding of software-as-a-service architecture and concepts;

·       Conceptual modeling - Creating high-level design solutions and systems based on business and user understanding;

·       Experience with designing for enterprise users or for users in complex domains is an asset;

·       Drive – ability to take decisions, initiatives and getting things done;

·       Creative – an innovative thinker, with the ability to find creative solutions to the problems our users ask us to solve;

·       Teamwork in a blended team of onsite and remote team members, in a fast-paced environment; and

·       Communicative – Creation of product design artefacts to share and increase understanding, ability to describe complex problems to others, to listen and involve others in discussions, ability to tailor technical information to different audiences. Includes presentation and writing skills.

To apply, please email Raymond To or call him at 778-869-9268