Work for engineers who understand you...

Work for engineers who understand you...

Bit Quill Technologies. You likely have never heard of Bit Quill Technologies. That is a good thing. 

We are helping Bit Quill build and add to its team of seasoned and smart software engineers (currently at 25). The founders still code and everyone on the team are like you: people who want to be employees (share in the equity of the company) and who code (because it brings them joy :-)). You will be working closely with either the clients’ product managers or senior engineers. The work is typically a core component of a major product release. If you want to continue working for a software company BUT don’t care for the politics or drama sometimes associated with a larger software company, Bit Quill offers a place where you will be happy working with like-minded people and be rewarded not just in a competitive compensation but an opportunity to be a fellow owner like the rest of the team.

As a Senior Software Developer, you'll have the following duties:

  • Work well within their team on the assigned project.

  • Gather specifications from clients on projects, scoping work to reflect client demands and ensure clear expectations.

  • Accurately plan and estimate projects according to specifications.

  • Mentor junior developers, both internal and external to the team they are currently working in.

  • Meet programming standards by following production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards.

  • Use clear and timely communication to ensure team and clients are well informed at all times.

  • Write clear and concise programs that are maintainable, readable, portable (where appropriate), testable, and documented.

  • Take ownership of projects that are assigned to them, and manage time effectively to meet schedules, including delegating tasks to junior developers or asking help from more senior team members.

  • Have a willingness and desire to pursue projects that require learning new technologies, and continually expands their skills by educating themselves in development skills in terms of both process, technology, and language.

  • Write complete and correct tests for all development projects, where appropriate.

  • Participate in improving company practices and processes to ensure the company is best positioned to satisfy client requirements.

Must Have Requirements:

  • B. Sc. in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent fields.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Hard working and passionate about technology.

  • 5+ years of C++ or Java industry experience.


  • Experience working with an IDE such as Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, XCode, IntelliJ, and Eclipse.

  • Experience working in a team-based setting.

  • Experience writing tests, both unit and integration.

  • Experience using C++ memory management and performance analysis tools.

  • Experience with AWS or other cloud platforms a plus.

  • Experience with source control tools such as Perforce or Git.

  • Experience working with JavaScript and Node.js.

  • Experience documenting software design.

  • Experience estimating software development requirements.

  • BigData and/or NoSQL experience (MongoDB, Presto, Drill, Couchbase, DocumentDB, DynamoDB, Hadoop, etc.)

    Please contact or text him at 778-869-9268 for a preliminary conversation.