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My client, Invoice Simple's mission is to build the world's simplest way for freelancers and contractors to run and grow their businesses. We've grown rapidly in the last few years, and today we help over 100,000 paying customers run their businesses simply — with your help we'll help a million+ small businesses succeed and grow!

Invoice Simple is seeking a Senior Web Engineer to join our small team. You’ll be a a key part of the engineering team, working with our product designer and product management to deliver incredible user experiences to freelancers and contractors who rely on us to run their businesses.

What you will be doing

  • Work with Product Management to evolve our apps from something that gets the job done to something businesses can’t do without

  • Drive significant business growth by developing and deploying new products and features

  • Achieve amazing reliability by establishing automated testing practices

  • Delight users by leveraging analytics, working with customer support to develop empathy, and gaining a deep understanding of small business


  • Own and execute features at all layers—UI, client-server communication, database, test automation and SDK.

  • Contribute to all phases of product development—roadmap, requirements, design, release, QA & customer support.

  • Release frequently

  • Be data driven. Use metrics and analytics to understand users and identify opportunities.

  • Delight customers. Respond to customer support requests, understand users’ needs, build a product people love.

  • Go beyond just code. Take on any task that comes your way so we can hit our goals


  • 3+ experience building complex front-end applications in Javascript, HTML, CSS, ideally with React

  • Great product sense and the ability to think through user experience issues before diving into the code

  • Ability to write maintainable, testable, and performant JavaScript and Typescript

  • A love for implementing great UI

  • Enjoyment for debugging all aspects of the front-end app including memory leaks and quirky CSS across browsers

  • Significant experience with REST APIs and a thorough understanding of HTTP requests

  • Willingness to challenge your own ideas and preconceptions with experiments and data

To Apply: or 778-869-9268