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Our new client, Invoice Simple's mission is to build the world's simplest way for freelancers and contractors to run and grow their businesses. We've grown rapidly in the last few years, and today we help over 100,000 paying customers run their businesses simply — with your help we'll help a million+ small businesses succeed and grow!

Want to join one of Canada’s fastest growing startups?

Want to help the average independent Joe (plumbers, painters, cleaners, photographers, freelancers…) become more successful?

Want to see your work in the hands of thousands of customers in a matter of days?

What they offer

Unmatched learning. Invoice Simple is extremely data oriented and few companies match our level of sophistication when it comes to experimentation, measurement and data analysis.

You’ll learn the skills to be able to systematically unlock the growth of any product.

We hope you’re excited to feel challenged every day here. As you develop mastery, we’ll make sure you’re constantly exposed to new opportunities to push yourself.

As a Senior Mobile Engineer at Invoice Simple you’ll be responsible for our mobile app, you’ll work on features from conception to deployment, interfacing with product management, analytics, and customer support, to understand and improve the impact of new features.   You’ll be responsible for building new features and improvements in across both iOS and Android in React Native (using typescript).   

The role

  • Own and execute features at all layers – UI, client-server communication, database, test automation and SDK.

  • Ensure we’re continually releasing reliable and quality software by pushing the boundaries of our test automation

  • Contribute to all phases of product development – roadmap, requirements, design, release, QA & customer support.

  • Release frequently

  • Data driven. Use metrics and analytics to understand users and identify opportunities.

  • Customer satisfaction. Respond to customer support requests, understand users’ needs, build a product people love.

  • Not just code. Take on any task that comes your way so we can hit our goals.

Requirements for Success

  • Experience writing modern mobile apps from scratch

  • Natural problem solver, with an inquisitive personality, and enjoy the challenge figuring out solutions that work for users

  • Be energized by working alongside customers to determine what solution best fits their needs.

  • Excited to think outside the box (and your job description) to succeed

  • Willing to challenge your own ideas and preconceptions with experiments and data

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or a related field) OR equivalent experience.

Their Tech Stack

  • We love Typescript!

  • NodeJS (Backend), React Native (Mobile), React (Web)

  • Heroku, AWS

  • Postgres, Mongo, and Google BigQuery

Contact Raymond at or 778-869-9268